The Benefits of Being a Live Model at a Microblading Training

As the price of cosmetic treatments can vary, microblading isn’t among the cheapest procedures out there. That’s why many women choose to become live models at a microblading training.

Becoming a model is an amazing way to learn about the procedure, experience what it feels like, and then decide whether to book a professional appointment.

Still, it tends to be perceived as cheap, low-quality work that might leave you with eyebrows looking worse off than before the treatment. This definitely is not true.

To ease your mind and help you decide, here’s a run-down of the entire process of becoming a live model and five clear benefits why you should do it.

Benefit #1 – Real Microblading Experience

If you’re unsure whether microblading really works for your eyebrows, becoming a live model at a microblading training will certainly help you decide. You get to try out and see how an actual microblading procedure works.

The only real difference between an educational session and a booked procedure is that it might last longer. Because both instructor and trainee work during the procedure, with detailed demonstrations and explanations of the process, the treatment lasts 2-3 hours.

However, only simple strokes are performed when re-creating an actual microblading treatment so there is no chance of mistakes.

The Benefits of Being a Live Model at a Microblading Training by

Benefit #2 – High-Quality Treatment

During a PhiBrows microblading training, for example, most of the work is completed by a certified microblading professional. The instructor (usually an experienced master artist) or their assistant will mark the shape of your eyebrows and complete the first pass – the initial microblading strokes. They are also responsible for overseeing the second phase of the treatment (completed by the trainee).

In both instances, only top-grade products and tools are used. Together with the level of care during the entire procedure, it ensures that the final result is a high-quality pair of microbladed eyebrows.

Benefit #3 – Low-Cost Microblading Treatment

While you can find modeling opportunities that are free, typically all you have to pay is a registration fee. This usually covers the cost of the disposable products a student will use during the treatment and costs you no more than $30.

When you consider that an average price of a microblading session is $400-500, becoming a live model is extremely affordable. Especially if you’re seriously thinking about improving the look of your brows and you don’t want to overspend on the actual treatment.

Microblading Training on Live Models

Benefit #4 – Free Professional Touch-Up

Depending on the training location and the instructor, you may receive a touch-up session for free. This means any missed details can be corrected by the professional artist-instructor following the student’s practice passes at the training.

Touch-ups are usually completed one or two weeks following the initial treatment and are included in the price of a full microblading treatment. On their own, annual touch-ups go for around $200.

So, when you get your eyebrows microbladed as a model at a course, you receive the same level of service a master artist would give their regular clients.

Benefit #5 – Pair of Beautiful Brows

The biggest benefit a live model receives is the final result – a pair of beautiful, professionally microbladed eyebrows. Despite half the treatment being completed by a student and half by a master, it’s a tried and tested approach which ensures a crisp and clean look. And since quality products are used, the treatment can last up to a year without the need for additional work.

A Pair of Beautiful Professionally Microbladed Eyebrows

What to Expect During the Procedure?

Even though it’s for educational purposes, a live model demonstration is a serious microblading procedure that requires your full cooperation.Before the exact date, you will receive instructions similar to the ones a client would receive before going in for the appointment. It is important that you follow all of them and clear your schedule on the day of the training.

Additionally, you should be very patient when a student starts practicing on you. A lot depends on this, so the instructor will ensure you are comfortable before the practice begins.

How Does Registration Work?

All you have to do is contact the trainer and request a registration form. Once you fill out the necessary paperwork and pay the registration fee (if required), you will receive further instructions via phone or email.

You can also use the opportunity to ask any and all questions you have, especially if this is your first time. The instructor will be in constant communication before the course date, providing you with additional information like location, your time slot, and any pre-care advice.

Have you decided to become a live model and microblade your eyebrows to perfection? If yes, the process is simple – find a microblading training near you and start the registration process.

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