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How to Properly Clean and Take Care of Your Microblading Tools?

There are so many articles online about the benefits and drawbacks of microblading, the way this procedure is performed and how to choose the right artist. However, what if you are a microblading artist who’s been taking care of its instruments the wrong way? The maintenance of your instruments is one of the most important things of the long lasting and thriving business, so before you actually start microblading, make sure that you know how to properly sterilize and clean your microblading tools. Not paying enough attention to this might result in your instruments being infected, which is definitely something you want to avoid.

Take a look at some of the most important questions on how to properly take care of your microblading tools.

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Why is This Important to You as an Artist?

As you might know, there are not many risks of getting your eyebrows microbladed. However, there is a certain risk if the artist is not sterilizing, sanitizing or cleaning their tools properly. Not only is there a higher chance of ending up with a certain infection such as hepatitis or even HIV, but it’s never a good thing to risk with your customers’ lives.

Remember that the word of mouth is the best possible advertisement, and you really want to have an impeccable reputation when this is concerned. The state of your salon and the way you keep your things can tell a lot about you as an artist, and it can either bring more customers or leave you without job. If you need some more information on the OSHA requirements that are set by statute standards and regulations, you can find them HERE.


What is Important to Know About the Blade Section of the Microblading Tool?

The most important thing to know when the “blade” section of the microblading tool is concerned is that is designed for single use and cannot be used twice, under any circumstances. What you need to do is simply dispose of the microblade responsibly in a sharps container. Micro blades do not cost much so there’s no need to use a single blade twice.


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How to Clean and Disinfect Your Microblading Pen?

The best idea is to fully dispose of your blades and tools and use the ones that are disposable, but the second best option is to autoclave your microblading pen. In order to properly clean the pen tool, make sure that you follow the following steps:

  • Take the pen apart and wash all of the parts thoroughly. Use a bioscrub soap, water and a clean brush. Make sure that the brush is stiff as it will help you get into the cracks.
  • The cleaning solution should consist of 50% bioscrub and 50% hot water
  • Cover all of the part of the microblading pen into the solution and leave it to stay at least 1 hour
  • After an hour or so, make sure to rinse and dry them carefully
  • Let them lay fully immersed in a neat hospital-grade CIDEX, Perasafe or Quadex (but make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter)
  • Let them air dry
  • This can be followed with a UV sterilization
  • Finally, store them in a sealed sterile container until you need them next time.

Do Microblading Tools Have Expiration Dates?

Just like all other products, microblading pens and needles have expiration dates. Even though one might think that they are able to use the microblading needles anytime, the truth is a bit different. The expiration date for needles is several years, and it’s best to use them before that.

However, it’s very important to know that the expiration date for microblading needles is not the date when the needles stop being sterile, it’s the date when the manufacturer cannot guarantee that the product is sterile. This mostly happens to do the fact that the packaging might deteriorate over time, and even the smallest breach might compromise sterility. Even though the risks of using an outdated needle are not very dangerous, it would be best to sterilize them.

PhiBrows microblading tools cleaning

Should I Wash My Hands?

This is a question that many ask, and the answer is simple – yes. The fact that you will use gloves during the microblading process doesn’t mean that you do not have to wash your hands.

Hands should be washed using the liquid and antibacterial soap. The soap for hand washing should always come from a wall-mounted dispenser. Bear in mind that bar soaps are unacceptable due to the fact that they can harbor many different bacteria and other microorganisms.

There is a certain protocol for hand washing, and it should include the following actions:

  • Washing palm to palm
  • Washing palm over dorsum (the top of the hand)
  • Washing palm to palm with fingers interlaced
  • Washing the tops of fingers and the nail area
  • Washing forearms to an area above where the glover stop
  • Thoroughly rinse your hands with fingers pointed downwards


How to Properly Sharpen the Eyebrow Pencil?

There is a question that many want an answer to but cannot find it. Even though microblading requires the use of a machine and blades that you should sanitize, it will also require the use of an eyebrow pencil in order to draw the right shape on the eyebrows. These are the steps on how to properly sharpen your pencil:

  1. First of all, carefully peel the pencil
  2. Start sharpening on two sides equally
  3. Focus on the tip of the pencil, and using very gentle “shaving” movements, sharpen the tip. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t apply pressure on the tip of the pencil, or it will break.
  4. Check the thickness – you can use your wrist to check if that is the thickness that you had in plan.

If you need some extra help in this department, see this Instagram video by master artist Gabriela Addie:

Are There Any Products that I Should Be Aware Of?

Even though it’s only slowly becoming popular, the use of oxo-degradable plastics will become huge in the future. Not only is it user-friendly, but it’s also very good for the environment and the customers as it decreases any risks. These PhiBrows disposable kits contain fully sterilized disposable materials that will help you perform your mircoblading treatment with the highest level of sterilization.

To Sum Up

Never underestimate the power of cleanliness. Always do your best to keep all of your microblading tools clean and read as much as you can about microblading tool cleaning. This is where your business starts, and keeping everything clean and sanitary will definitely result in success.

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