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Nano Removal Course
Los Angeles – Dallas – New York

Learn how to remove unwanted Permanent Makeup or Tattoo

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During the course you’ll receive a Professional Premium Nano Removal Kit w/ Machine (Artist or Master) for up to 50 clients.

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The Nano Removal, Tattoo Removal Training courses allow you to practice techniques on both artificial and live models. Along with the supervision of our Master Instructor. 

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Get access to the CraftMaster that contains exclusive measuring tools and customer profile storage. Photos, Videos, Animations, Lectures and customer profile storage.

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24/7 access and Life Time Support. Access to hundreds of students and successful artist around the world. Access to Doctor for medical questions!

1-Day Nano Removal Training

The Nano Removal course is a 1-day live event taught by Master Jordy Naponiello  There are no experience requirements to enter the course – it doesn’t matter if you are just starting or want to improve your skills, we welcome you to join our Nano Tattoo Removal courses.

During this course, expect to receive a comprehensive training in theory, skills and products used in Permanent Makeup and Tattoo Removal followed by exclusive chance to practice on live models. By entering the course, you will receive a free Nano Removal kit, as well as 6 months of ongoing support and learning supervision from your instructor. After the training, you can work towards getting a Phi Nano Removal global certificate, turning your craft into a licensed high income art.

✔️ Free Nano RemovalPremium  Kit

✔️ Nano Removal Certificate

✔️ Free access to the Craft Master App

✔️ Six Months Unlimited Support & Supervision

✔️ Skin Expert & Customer Service



  • Deposit ($500) w/ your selection of Kit only, Artist or Master Machine

If you choose to only place a deposit to secure your seat in the course, the remaining balance will be due no later that 1 week (7 business days) prior to the day of the training. If you are paying in Cash or Cashier’s check you are able to bring it to class on the day of. Deposits are non-refundable and credit cards are not accepted at the training due to the extensive processing time. 

  • Full Payment ($2,100) + Processing Fees (Kit Only) 

With this payment option you will paying for the Nano Removal training with the Kit Only in full. Once you complete the payment your balance will be $0.00. Details will be sent upon registration completion.

  • Full Payment ($2,500)  + Processing Fees (Artist Machine + Kit)

With this payment option you will paying for the Nano Removal training with the Premium Kit + Artist Machine in full. Once you complete the payment your balance will be $0.00 and we will register you for the course. Afterwards, you will receive an email to confirm the payment with all of the details pertaining to this training.

  • Full Payment ($2,900) + Processing Fees (Master Machine)

With this payment option you will paying for the Nano Removal training with the Kit and Master Machine  in full. Once you complete the payment your balance will be $0.00 and we will register you for the course. Afterwards, you will receive an email to confirm the payment with all of the details pertaining to this training.

What is Nano Removal?

Nano Removal is an innovative permanent makeup, microblading or tattoo removal technique. Using a Nano Needle with a removal product Jordy Naponiello has created a much easier way to remove unwanted PMU. This process have advanced removal in the following ways:

  • Faster Treatment Time
  • Faster Recovery Time
  • Less skin damage with bigger results
  • No bleeding 
  • Easy to learn system

What will you learn?

The Nano Removal course in Los Angeles is taught by Europe’s top rated instructor and Master Tattoo Removal Artist Jordy Naponiello, who is certified by the PhiAcademy. The class is divided into 7 step-by-step levels organized in 1 day of intensive hands on training followed by a 6 Months Support and Fundamental program, according to the PhiAcademy international standard.

Moving from one level to another, you will easily adopt all the skills and theory needed to proceed towards certification, including:

✔️  Nano Removal Pendulum swing technique

✔️  Analyzing the Previous Tattoo for the best removal strategy

✔️  Equipment use and sterilization

✔️  Work area sanitation

✔️  Skin-stretching techniques

✔️  Applying pressure to the skin

✔️  Extracting pigment from micro-cuts

✔️  Complete removal and skin rehabilitation

✔️   Facial structure and proportions

✔️   Different Skin types

✔️   Aftercare instructions

✔️   Handling client consultations

✔️   Dealing with skin problems

✔️   Proper use of anesthetics

✔️   Material use and keeping

✔️   Essential safety practices

✔️   Industry secrets & tricks

✔️   And much more

The Premium Kit

As part of your Nano Tattoo Removal training, we provide you with a Nano Removal Premium Microblading Kit . It contains everything you need to complete your tattoo removal training successfully – from equipment and tools used during procedure, to products essential for thorough preparation and aftercare. The kit will come in handy both during and after the course, since it can treat up to 50 clients.

Expect to find inside the Nano Removal Premium kit:

PhiBrows microblading kit opened
  • 2 x PhiRemoval Enzyme Power Peel
  • 2 x PhiRemoval Light S Chemical Peel
  • 1 x PhiLashes Micro Applicator (100pcs)
  • 1 x PhiLashes Flocked Lint Free Applicator
  • 1 x Phi Wipes Asept 20pcs
  • 1 x PhiBrows Practice Ink 10 ml
  • 1 x Skin Candy Scar Protection Gel 9pcs
  • 1 x PhiContour Latex Printed Lips
  • 1 x PhiContour Latex Printed Eyes
  • 1 x Ink Cup 50pcs
  • 1 x Simplicity Artist
  • 1 x Practising Latex blank 3pcs
  • 1 x Higi Mask
  • 1 x Pigment Container 50pcs
  • 1 x Disposable Plastic Cartr. Revo 1P (0.18) 15pcs
  • 1 x Neutralizer solution
  • 1 x Disposable Plastic Cartr. Revo 1P (0.18) 15pcs


Get Certified and Master Your Craft

As you complete your Nano Tattoo Removal training in Los Angeles, you can proceed and undertake the online training via Craft Master app to get an official Nano Removal Certificate. It requires you to pass all of 7 levels you already covered with Nano Removal Master Artist Jordy Naponiello at your live course. Completing this will automatically make you a Nano Removal certified artist.

There is a huge significance about the Tattoo Removal Course other than the financial benefits it has. Many artist in the industry whether it is permanent makeup, microblading or just your traditional Tattoo Artist are all humans and they make mistakes. Turning around clients who need removal services or sending them else where is not only inconvenient for you and the customer but its also takes lessen the chances of them returning to you after it is removed. Especially if they find a artist that actually offers the removal service. 


Successfully completed microblading training Atlanta

Get Beyond Your Limits

Your status as a student of the Art of Beauty Academy USA a Certified Partner of PhiAcademy gets you featured on the World Artist Map once you become a Certified Nano Removal artist. Inside the PhiCommunity, you will be able to both work with other artists and masters on projects, and gain trust of clients from around the world.


Certified artists after completed PhiBrows microblading classes Atlanta

Invest in Nano Removal and Restore Brows

On average, a single Nano Removal session in the USA is charged between $300 and $600 per treatment. Expected session duration is up to 2h, which means that you can start earning as much as $200-$300 per hour, as a beginner. Moreover, out of all the major cities where our live trainings are organized, Nano Removal has the lowest competition with a steadily growing demand. When you take all of this into consideration, how long do you think would it take you to double your $2,100 investment? A week or 2 Max?


Join our Nano Removal Training 

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